The inhabitants of Welltower worship the Framers. This seems to be a religious corruption of the original Framers, the group who built Welltower. Brother Righteous describes them as being a trinity who raised up an infinite and incorruptible tower.[1].

The religion teaches peace, generosity, and love. It also teaches that those inside Welltower have been exalted above those abandoned outside the structure.

Meetings, called Sabbat, happen occasionally (once per week?) and involve organ music, choir singing, announcements, religious speeches, donation of goods, healing of the sick, ceremonial acceptance of repentant nonbelievers, and recitations.

The religion seeks to aid the government in confusing the inhabitants of Welltower about the true nature of the structure. That is why Brother Righteous punished Kaehl for listening to the juggler.

The Holy Supplication Edit

The Holy Supplication recitation is used to encourage generosity from the membership. It goes like this:

Holy Framers Full of mercy, never changing Spirit Praise the Framers! Thou hast chosen us to be Thy holy children and separated us by these mighty walls from our brethren and sisters and their false ways. Thou hast elected to exalt us to keep us from destruction while all around us shall be cast down to Hell because of their wicked traditions which lead their hearts far from Thee. We thank thee again, Holy Framers, that we are a chosen and a holy people. Amen.

Members are encouraged to memorize the Holy Supplication and speak it in front of the whole congregation.

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