Light globes are the core of light technology. They are hollow spheres of glass or other materials. They contain and manipulate light to perform many different functions. They recharge whenever they are exposed to light, but fiber optic cables can charge them faster.[1] Globes typically are controlled by touching their surface. For example, they can be "thumbed up" by running a finger along their surface. It is important for light globes to be as smooth as possible, especially on the inside. Imperfect globes can explode violently.

Mister Aer is heavily involved in the development and manufacture of light globes. He sells his research and globes to Alizon and Serrin.

Globes have versatile functionality. They can:

  • Produce light (screens, etc)
  • Manipulate light
  • Explode (for mining, military, etc)
  • Calculate (computers)
  • Heal (hospital)
  • Produce audio

Known types of light globes include:

  • Glow globes. Basically lightbulbs.
  • Naviglobes (similar to GPS/cellphones).
  • Display globes (similar to TVs)
  • Sneaker globes, which provide invisibility, and Seeker globes, which detect Sneakers
  • Flashbangs. Grenades that make a flash, bang, smoke, small shockwave. Activated with a triple-tap; a slide can delay detonation.
  • Energy exchangers. Convert heat and pressure to usable energy.
  • Hospital. Bathe a person in light to restore their health.
  • Near Field Disruptors
  • Chargers.
  • Detonators.
  • Excavators.
  • Monitors.
  • Drive globes.
  • Recorders.

Manufacture Edit

Light globe production requires cave darkness. Because Welltower has this in abundance, as well as a large number of experienced personnel and secrets to manufacturing processes, Welltower is the exclusive manufacturer of light globes. Aer (father) and his son are in charge of globe manufacture.

Welltower sells globes to Alizon. Books 2 and 3 with attempts to start selling globes to Serrin.

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