Alizon and Serrin have had poor relations for many years. Serrin wants to take Alizon's technology and territory. Alizon fends them off.

They had a war 18 years before Kaehl and Selda first emerged from Welltower. The following 18 years were spent in a state of peaceful cold war. They both guard their borders carefully.

Alizon has the better technology.[1] They have let Serrin have some of their tech but not all of it. Serrin, jealous of Alizon's success and fearful of attack, tried to attack Alizon with a surprise missile strike in the Rebound War. This attack was foiled by the Aers and led to the utter destruction of most of Serrin's capital city and military fortifications.

  1. Bk. 2 Ch. Borders. "Their equipment, as best we know, is nowhere near as advanced as ours. A lot of their technology came from us but they don't know how to use it as well. We keep the best stuff for ourselves."